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Welcome to DeltaPorno!

We're pleased you're here and hope you enjoy our forum. As a DeltaPorno Member, it is your responsibility to read, know and follow these rules. You will be held accountable for them whether you read them or not. It is also your responsibility to check back regularly as these rules can and will change as need dictates, with or without notice. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a Mod or Admin.

The Most Important Rules:
- You must be 18 years or older. Please follow your own state/country laws.
- No underage pornography/photography. All models to be 18+
- No r ape, scat, animal videos/photos, or anything sick/illegal (includes fantasy content).

Violation of these rules leads to a ban without any warnings.

General Rules

1. Accounts
Members may not have multiple usernames/accounts.

2. Language
All posts, replies, and signatures must be in English only. Exception - the original titles of movies and clips.

3. Сontent
3.1 All content should be porn, about porn, or related to porn.

4. Behavior
4.1 Please maintain respect for all individuals on the board. No abuse towards other members. Respect the privacy of other members. Do not post any private data no matter what it is.
4.2 No trashing of other people's topics. (i.e. SPAM).
4.3 No Thread hijacking of any kind. (Sharing in someone else's thread, going off-topic e.t.c.)
4.4 No aggressive behavior or flaming in the forums.
4.5 Advertising of any kind is not allowed. (Not in posts, not in PMs, not in signatures, not in screenshots, not in files that you share, etc.)
4.6 No bump posts and threads to the front by adding meaningless comments.

5. Forum structure
5.1 Single post sections: XXX Movies, XXX Videos, Hardcore Pictures, and Softcore Pictures. No megathreads are allowed in these four sections.
5.2 Single post and megatrends section: Celebrity Pictures.
5.3 All the sections except mentioned above (paragraphs 5.1 and 5.2) are for megathreads only.

6. Time restriction
6.1 Time between posts inside of megathread topic must be at least 10 minutes. Exception - the first 5 posts of the new megathread topic can be posted without time limits.
6.2 Do not flood. We do not generally limit the number of posts. But it doesn't mean that you can post every 30 seconds or every minute. Please make a reasonable time between posts.

7. The Ways to share your content
7.1 To share your video and pictures you must use File and Picture Hosts. Any other ways are prohibited (no streaming videos and e.t.c.)
7.2 No only premium links. All files should download freely, without the requirement of registration or purchase of premium.
7.3 To share your files you must use at least one mandatory host. You must also follow the boundaries of its use.
Currently allowed mandatory file hosts and the boundaries of its use:

- Mega.NZ [allowed in all forums]
- [allowed in all forums]
Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!
[allowed in all forums]
- [allowed in all forums]
Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!
[allowed in all forums]
Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!
[allowed in all forums]

7.4 Any other file hosts besides mandatory and optional file hosts are not allowed.

7.6 Links can be shortened by URL shortening services. Currently allowed services:

- [allowed in all forums]
- [allowed in all forums]

7.7 Any other URL shortening services are forbidden.

7.8 We don't bound you in choosing a Picture host. But all Picture Hosts that have an unreasonably large amount of advertising, pop-ups, pop-unders, or engage in the use of shady techniques to confuse customers will be banned by the forum system. This list will be updated as required.

8. Complaints, claims, and objections
8.1 Use the "Report Post" button to inform Deltaporno staff if you see the post does not comply with the forum rules.
8.2 If your complaint needs to be discussed, you can:
- Contact the moderators or Administrators by private message (PM).
- Leave a message in the Forum Comments & Helpdesk section.
8.3 Time restrictions for objections - The objections about the ban or penalty can be raised within 7 days after the attachment. After this deadline, no objections can be accepted.

9. Inside post of movie
9.1 Post of the movie must have:
- Movie title
- Movie cover. Сover must be viewed without clicking on it (the minimal size of the lowest side is 400px).
- Screenshots preview.
- File Information - quality, format, video length, resolution, file size. This information should be available as text.
- Links.
9.2 Screenshots preview for the movie can be:
- Thumbnailed screenshots preview.
- Multiple screenshots. At least 8 pictures. Pictures must be well viewed without clicking on it.
9.3 It is better to have in the post of the movie (optional):
- Information: model names, release date, scenes description.
- Tags.

10. Posting Rules
10.1 Post all content in the appropriate sections.
10.2 Content must match the title and the description.
10.3 Don't use aggressive titles (e.g. "H0t Te*ns Fuuuuuck4ing leik cr8zy!").
10.4 No Double posting. Collect all mirror links of the same video/movie/picture/magazines in one post. It is not allowed to post the same content uploaded on different file hosts in separate messages.
10.5 No Bumping. Edit first message in case of re-uploading dead links
10.6 One video/set = One post. Each post in mega-threads can contain only one video/set. It is also preferable (but not obligatory) to post the same video with different resolutions in separate posts.
10.7 Password-protected files are allowed. But don't forget to provide a password in the post.
10.8 Do not use auto-posting software. Our forum is a place of creativity, not a conveyor belt in a factory.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask one of the moderators for help.
Thank you for your support, and happy posting!

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