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Section specific rules

Anime images only
  • This section includes 3D images, CGI images, hentai/anime images, comics, and other various animated images.
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Allowed hentai/anime content
  • Futa (futanari) content. This is content that involves characters that are hermaphrodites. Futa characters are female with male genitals. They must have an overall feminine appearance. Futa characters must appear to be females from the waist up, with no obvious masculine features above the waist. Male characters with female genitals are not allowed.
  • Monsters/furry/tentacles. This content is allowed in an animated/drawn/computer-generated form providing it is displayed in anime/cartoon/hentai style.
  • Hostage/forced sex and perilous type scenarios are allowed in anime/cartoon/hentai form only, provided they do not include killing, death, or excessive and unnecessary violence.
Banned hentai/anime content
  • Loli (Lolicon) and Shota (Shotacon) content is banned. This type of content depicts underage characters or the strong implication that a character is underage. Underage content is strictly prohibited on this forum in ANY form. Do not post any or you will be dealt with harshly and swiftly with no warning.
  • Reverse Futa (futanari) content. Male characters with female genitalia are banned.
  • Scat material. Scat material in any form is banned from this forum.
  • Gay (homosexual, a man on man) content. This type of content is also banned from the forum. Do not post it.
  • Racist and excessively violent/gorey content is banned from the forum entirely. Do not post anything of this type in any form.
  • Beastiality is banned forum-wide. This does not include Monsters/furry/tentacles which are drawn in anime/cartoon/hentai style.
  • Photo-realistic CGI and/or drawings of Monsters/furry/tentacles/futa (funanari) is not allowed. If it can be confused with a real-life photograph, do not post it. Please keep this content in anime/cartoon/hentai style.
Passwords are allowed!
  • If you decide to password protect your files, please post the password for it.
  • Any thread that does not have the password clearly displayed will be trashed.
[font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Forum-wide rules[/font]

[font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]NO UNDERAGE CONTENT (18+ Only)[/font]
  • any time
[font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]NO Banned content[/font]
  • allowedONLY.

  • NO Extreme Torture.

  • NO Pee or Scat.

  • Any other material that is illegal or sickening.
[font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]NO Bumping, Spamming, Flooding, Hijacking or multi-accounts[/font]
  • Bumping is posting a reply with the sole intention of raising the thread's profile. i.e. get the thread back to the top of the forum.

  • Spamming is the repeated posting of the same content over and over.

  • Flooding is when 80% or more of a page is covered in 1 user's posts.

  • Highjacking is posting your links or images in any other member's thread in an effort to move the focus of the thread to your content.

  • Multiple accounts are not allowed. Any users found with multiple accounts will be banned.
[font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][/font]
  • ban you permanently.
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[font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Full forum rules.[/font][/size]
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